Football Drill Demonstration


Set up:

3 Attacking players from each team on each side of one half, taking it in turns.

If you have 2 GKs then have a GK for each team

Attacking players A1, A2 and A3 positioned as shown in diagram.


A1 passes to A3, and runs towards the penalty area.

A2 runs behind A3 to the upper right corner of the field to be passed the ball.

A3 then also runs into the penalty area.

Out of the 2 strikers running in, the first person who gets to the box is the one who takes the front post. This will usually be A1 as they started running in first. Therefore A3 takes the back post.

A2 crosses in and A1/A3 finishes.

The opposition have the same set up the other side and they go while the other team is setting up again.

Swap the GK for the opposition

Having 2 teams makes the drill competitve

The teams switch sides after 10 crosses.

After 10 crosses each on each side the team who gets the most goals wins and you can make the other team do a forfeit. (For example a high intensity run)


Coaching points

Concentrate on the type of run from 2 strikers. Angle of approach of run. Speed of approach and timing of run.

Strikers making the correct decision when striking at goal. Can they use the pace of the cross to guide the ball into the goal. Do they need to have good first touch before striking at goal?

Type of crossing options:

  • Quick cross across face of the goal for strikers to attack
  • Back post could "pull back" to the penalty spot
  • If crossing player is next to the byline then they might chip the ball up to the striker by the back post.

The crossing player needs to recognise their position and the position of the strikers in making their decision for the type of cross.

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