Preparing For The New Season

July 15th, 2021 Joe Chomet


The secret to a successful season is to do as much as you can before it starts.

The majority of hard work for a season starts prior to the first game. If you plan early and make a start on the key tasks, your life will become much easier once the season is underway with time taken up playing, coaching and volunteering.

Preseason is not just time for your players to get back in shape and ready for the new season, but it's also an important time for the committee to carry out their admin tasks.

As a club administrator, there's lots going on so it's important to make a list of all that needs to be achieved before the season starts and delegate tasks to your committee with various due dates.

Below you can find our preseason checklist to make sure you have everything in order to get your season off to a flying start and you can download a copy of the checklist here.

How Teamo can help:

Pre-season events

Hosting preseason training and trials? Make sure all your members and new joiners know the times and locations by getting the events in your teamo calendar early and inviting the relevant teams. This also coaches and managers to effectively prepare for the sessions in advance by knowing exactly who's coming. Use broadcast messages, teamo mail and event chats to spread the word through your club's community.

Training times and slots

Set the season's training times and locations out in advance so teams know this year's plan and can start filling in their availability right away.

Outstanding payments

Make sure your club doesn't miss out on those crucial memberships and match fees by assigning the relevant products and reviewing any outstanding payments. You can then easily prompt all those with outstanding payments to get paid up before the season starts.

Coaching allocation

Sit down with the committee and decide which coaches will be in charge of your various teams and age group squads. Once you have published this, you can assign coaches and manager rights via Teamo and they can get started adding events, chatting with their team and collecting team payments.

Set the social diary

Planning on organising some preseason social events? Get them in the calendar and start selling tickets straight away. With payments going straight to your club's bank account, you can plan exactly how many burgers to buy for that preseason BBQ!

Register new players

With our customisable registration form, any new members who join will automatically be prompted to fill in any important information you require. This information will then be accessible to club admins and team managers. If you've decided you also need more information on your current members, you can just update your registration and they will automatically be asked to fill in any new questions.

Take a look at Sportplan

Your club may have parents or inexperienced coaches stepping in to help out with some junior training sessions. You may want to help them get ready for the new season with a Sportplan club package, proving them with hundreds of drills, games and session plans.


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