New Year, New Heights

January 1st, 2021 Matt Morrison


Reset, refocus and get your coaching off to the best possible start with Sportplan in 2021. Players will have used their time differently in 2020. Some might have used it as an opportunity to develop new skills whereas others might have had their attention diverted away from what they were working towards.

Use the new year as a starting block to propel your players to new heights both individually and as a team! Allow your enthusiasm for their development to filter through into their commitment. We can help you achieve exactly that.

At Sportplan we're all about helping coaches gain the inspiration, knowledge and confidence to know that the sessions that they're delivering will aid the development and enjoyment of their players. Use the coaching tools at your disposal to help kick start your sessions in 2021! Here's how we can help!

New Year, New Drills

The turn of the year is a great time to introduce new drills into your sessions. Ensure your players are leaving training hungry to come back next week because you've challenged them to a new process of learning a skill.

The Sportplan drill library is so diverse that there will always be a bunch of drills which your players have never seen before! Don't be afraid to put your own twist or progression onto them. Or if you've got your own ideas, use the chalkboard or animator to bring these to life!

Stay Organised

Want to get ahead? Use your spare time to plan your sessions for weeks or even months in advance. You can create progressive sessions, work your way through different skills or make sessions position specific. The folders section is perfect for that. Depending on your coaching needs and personal preference, you can divide your plans up by age group or ability. You've also got the power to share your ideas with other coaches in your team!

Getting organised with your folders and building a structure to your coaching work will help you start to develop a personal coaching catalogue which you will have these at your fingertips whenever you need to call upon them.

Learn From Others

To be the best coach you can be, you need to be open to new ideas and philosophies that can take your coaching to the next level. A more experienced coach will have acquired a wide range of techniques and be able to apply this is in differing situations. Being prepared to learn will mean you are constantly developing as a coach and right here is a great place to learn from others!

We've got content from coaches who've coached at the highest level. We've also got the Sportplan community which is a great source of information to learn how others are doing it differently. Don't forget that techniques can be transferable from sport to sport!

This is a journey and there might have been a couple of bumps in the road in 2020 but take that as part of the learning process. Use 2021 as an opportunity to refocus your coaching goals so you can hit the ground running in your first session back! Use the Sportplan tools to heighten your coaching confidence and help your enthusiasm for the sport rub off on your players!


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