Ask Marg | Series 1

January 26th, 2021 Matt Morrison


Having represented the Silver Ferns during her playing career, Marg went on to coach at the highest level for the Canterbury Flames and later with the New Zealand national team, being part of their World Cup winning coaching team. Marg's coaching philosophies are being implemented all over the world and she's dedicated to sharing her knowledge with fellow coaches.

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What is a tactic for defending a back line pass? I am looking for a tactic for the attacking side to use in order to stop a ball travelling down the court.

I would like to know how to train my keepers to defend a goal attack if they are positioning themselves.

I'd really like my players to "buy-into" zone marking as a way of mixing up their play, but I can't seem to be able to convince them it can be an effective alternative.

My team has been focusing on the fundamentals, but in game play they are not coming forward and getting free, losing track of their players. How do I make a fun, interesting & positive game for them to get this skill?

How do you defend against a tall goal attack in netball? I am playing the goal defence position and need to defend against a 6 foot goal attack?

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