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Stand firmly on the poolside with toes
around the front edge. Place hands to the
side or front of the legs; Hands & Fingers
will secure body position with body weight
very slightly forwards. Dive out down the
pool to full stretch; At the highest point of
the dive drop the head towards the water
s u rface, the whole body then enters
through the same point of contact on the
water surface which the hands, arms and
head has cut as if you were diving through
a hoop; Come out of this position and into
a streamlined position following entry into
the water in order for the body to become
streamlined. Hold a streamlined position
for a short time underwater and start a
continuous frontcrawl leg kick to maintain
speed. It is possible to find greater speed
whilst underwater due to good
streamlining and momentum. Ensure the
leg kick helps drive the body to the water
surface. Never dive into shallow waters.

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