Hockey Drill Demonstration


A good fun exercise for scoring goals, and for keepers to have a good work out.

Split the group into teams of four and put 2 or 3 keepers in the circle. The 4 attackers go into the circle with a ball and try to score, they can take as long as they like providing the ball remains in the circle.

Coaching points

The keepers have to try and stop 3 consecutive attacks and the attackers have to score 2 consecutive goals to be the winners.

When one of the teams wins, the losers have to do a forfeit (press-ups, sit-ups etc.).

It is important that when the attackers lose, all the groups do the forfeit, not just the four that missed the last goal to encourage for the notion of playing for each other as a team.

Hold position in the circle, attackers to be patient and play the keepers out of position.

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