Hockey Drill Demonstration



Objective: To get the attacking player to receive and roll strong, away from the tackling defender.

Purpose: Rolling/peeling away from the defender is a relatively low risk strategy to consolidate possession and eliminate. 

Structure: Pairs or Groups of 3 (potential to add in passive/active defender)


Coaching points

  • Start with a side on stance to be able to see the passer, the defender and the space in behind.
  • The ball is passed into the attacker on their forehand side where the defender/dummy will apply pressure.
  • The attacker will receive strong and use their body to feel the defender and attempt to sell the defender, transferring their weight onto their right foot.
  • When the defender makes an attempt to tackle, the attacker takes the ball from their right foot, being careful not to expose it too much for a shave tackle.
  • The attack then gets the ball into the hook of the stick and spins tight, accelerating away from the tackle. 

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