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Attacking the D - Building Skills into a Match Situation Session Thumbnail
Attacking the D - Building Skills into a Match Situation

The pass into the circle is determined by the lead of the attackers and the movement of the defender. Work on decision-making in the final third to improve success rate around the circle.

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  • Objective: Players to make the correct decision in attacking situations and ensure correct attackers are in correct position to affect the game.
  • Purpose: Increase the chances of threatening the opposition goal and coming away with a positive result.
  • Set-up
    • Midfielder plays ball across the pitch from left to right.
    • Receiving midfielder will start to carry the ball forward and should threaten to play the ball directly into the D.
    • Attacker runner on the D will initially run towards the passer to show for the ball, then peel off, aiming their run towards the baseline.
    • A defender will decide whether to follow the attacking runner or block the ball from the receiving midfielder going into the D.
    • The pass that receiving midfielder makes, should be influenced by the defenders movement as to where the space is.
    • 2 attackers in the D should initially look for a deflection if the ball is flung directly into the D. If the ball is played to the attacker running the D, they should reposition themselves to receive a pass or be at the far post for a deflection.

Coaching points

  • Midfielders playing the ball to attackers should play with their head up to see the defenders movement. They have a better chance of choosing the correct ball to play.
  • Defenders should try not to commit too early to make it difficult for attackers.
  • Attackers in the D need to react to what's happening and ensure they are positioned correctly depending on the ball that has been played.


  • Add in another defender to follow the attacker positioning themselves at the far post.

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