Basketball Community Shooting Drills

You cannot win matches without scoring points so it's important your players can shoot accurately.

The shooting drills and videos will hone your players technique and ability to cut, dribble, and fake before shooting, as well as performing successful free throws and lay-ups./p>

The individual, 1v1 and three man drills will boost your players' ability to drive to the net, get the rebound and shoot, pass cut and dribble before taking the shot.

Shooting in basketball

To teach correct shooting technique we use BEEF:

  • Balance - Good balance, weight on the balls of your feet, just over shoulder width apart
  • Elbow - Want the elbow tucked into your side. Want to keep everything in a straight line
  • Eyes - Looking up and straight at the front of the rim
  • Follow through - The ball should come off of the index finger and the follow through should be pointing at the basket