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Football Conditioned games Drill: Use the width to get up the pitch



    Red 1 passes the ball to one of the teams to start the game.

    There should be 3 players in both wings and 8 players in the centre of the pitch. The wing players cannot be tackled and the central players are not allowed into the wing areas.

    In order to score a goal the team in possession must make 5 consecutive passes before passing out to their wide man. The wide players must both touch the ball before it is crossed in for the team in possession to attack it, with the other team defending the cross.

    After an attack on goal has been made the ball returns to red 1 who feeds the ball out to the other team.

Coaching Points

    Emphasise the importance of the wide players, they are often the players in space and are an excellent way for carrying the ball up the pitch.

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Use the width to get up the pitchConditioned gamesFootball Drills Coaching

Football Conditioned games Drills

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