Wide Drag and Lift
Stix awards

What you need
  • Sticks for players completing the test
  • 3 balls
    10 cones
      4 hockey sticks
    4 ball boys
    1 coach / scorekeeper
      1 Clipboard & 1 pencil / pen

    Use a Senoir hockey stick balanced on two cones (chinese hats) at all cones
    Stix Awards - National Standards
    skill 1 Points Required
    Gold 26pts or more
    Silver 22-25pts
    Bronze 18-21pts
    Cub Below 18pts

    Test three – Wide Drag and Life Over a Stick (one minute)

    Player collects the ball from G1 and dribbles to G2.

    Player transfers the ball through the channel from G2 to G3, using a left to right (reverse stick) drag.

    Player dribbles the ball from G3 to the stick barrier and lifts the ball over the barrier before collecting the ball and dribbling back through G4.

    Player returns to G1 via the channel G3 to G2 using the reverse stick drag and repeats the sequence until time runs out.


    2 points – Each time the player successfully negotiates the channel between G2 and G3.

    0 points – If the sticks/cones are dislodged from the channel or if the player follows the ball through the channel.

    2 points – Each time the player successfully lifts the ball over the stick barriers.

    0 points – If the stick barrier is dislodged.


    Coaching Points

    This exercise is designed to test the ability of a player to beat an opponent by:

    1. The left to right dodge
    2. Lifting the ball over a flat stick tackle.
    • The left to right dodge is accomplished by transferring the ball from wide on the left side of the body to the right side in one smooth action using the reverse stick drag. Body weight should be transferred form the left leg onto the right while taking a single sideways step. The ball should be dragged over a distance of about 1m.
    • To lift the ball over the stick, the player should lower the body position and the stick angle to get under the ball for the lift. The ball should be lifted no more than 15/20cm in a controlled fashion, and drop just beyond the stick. A higher lift could lead to danger.