Jab Tackle
Stix awards

What you need
  • Sticks for players completing the test
  • 12 balls
    18 cones
    5 ball boys
    1 coach / scorekeeper
      1 Clipboard & 1 pencil / pen
    Stix Awards - National Standards
    skill 1 Points Required
    Gold 42pts or more
    Silver 38-41pts
    Bronze 34-37pts
    Cub Below 34pts

    Test five – Jab Tackle (one minute)

    Player starts behind G1 and approaches the ball in the end box. Then using a jab tackle the player should attempt to knock the ball out of the box through G2.

    The player then retreats to touch the line BB1 – BB2 before attacking the ball in the next box.

    Player repeats the sequence until time runs out.


    2 points – For each ball that leaves a box through the back gate G2 to G7.

    1 point – If the ball leaves the box through one of the sides and not the back.

    0 points – If the ball does not leave the box or the player swings wildly at the ball.


    Coaching Points

    This exercise is designed to test the ability of a player to defend using:

    1. Closing down skills
    2. A jab tackle to dispossess an opponent
    • Good footwork is essential when closing down an opponent with the ball. The player should move quickly to within tackling distance, using short steps, and then hesitate with eyes concentrating on the ball.
    • A side-on stance like a fencer/boxer should be adopted.
    • When defending on the left, the right leg and right shoulder should be leading. When defending on the right, the left leg and left shoulder should be leading.
    • The players should change stance and footwork when moving on from attacking the ball from G2 and G4 on the left and before moving onto G5 and G7 on the right.
    • For the jab tackle the stick should be held at a low angle in front of the player, with the top (left) hand firm and the bottom (right) hand loose. With a deliberate jab of the stick and the body stretched forward, contact should be made with the ball using the bottom edge of the toe of the stick. The right hand may be withdrawn from the stick to extend the reach. The stick should then be quickly withdrawn to protect the left foot, in preparation for another attempt if unsuccessful first time.