Stix awards

Keeping Individual Score Sheets
You should keep hold of the completed individual score sheets for each of your candidates in case of future attempts at the Stix Awards so a comparison can be made between each attempt.

The points required to win Stix Skills Gold, Silver, Bronze and Cub have been determined following extensive testing of the skills among the 11-16 year old age group. Standards will obviously vary across age groups and also within groups, but the tests have been designed to reward improvement or skill acquisition and also encourage ongoing development as kids work towards ever higher Stix Skills standards. As a result, the oints required to achieve the Stix Skills standards are:

Gold 160 or more points
Silver 135-159 points
Bronze 108-134 points
Cub Below 108 points

Completing Group Score Sheets and Ordering Awards
Once you have concluded your course you should complete the group score sheet, certificate and badge ordering form which should be sent to the Stix Skills Award team at English Hockey. Orders can be sent to the following Freepost address:

Stix Skills Award
English Hockey
National Hockey Stadium
Silbury Boulevard

The Stix Skills team will organise your certificate and badge orders. These will be dispatched within fourteen working days of receipt of the orders. Please remember the certificates will be left blank for you to complete.

Stix Stars
Each year English Hockey’s national awards panel will announce the Stix Stars whose individual scores were the best for both male and female candidates within each age group during the year.

The age groups for Stix Skills are:

Under 11 on the 1st September of the year of competition
Under 12 on the 1st September of the year of competition
Under 13 on the 1st September of the year of competition
Under 14 the on 1st September of the year of competition

Stix Stars will receive their awards in front of the crowd at the mens and womens EHL Premiership Finals.