Football Drill Demonstration


SetupCreate a small field approximately the size of the penalty area (18X44 yards) and mark the center point of the field with cones. Taper each of the sidelines towards the goals on each end of the penalty area. The field should be tapered to avoid bad shooting angles. Organize players in a 4v2 (4 defenders and 2 attackers) in each half of the field. Players are restricted to the side of the grid they were originally placed. Spare soccer balls should be placed near each of the goals for quick retrieval and quick restarts.InstructionsThe defenders have to shoot from their own half of the field and the forwards should follow any shots from the defenders and finish any rebounds. If the ball is shot and the goalkeeper recovers the ball, they should quickly distribute the ball to their defensive players and the play should continue. If the ball is shot over the goal, a new ball should be retrieved from behind the goal and play should resume quickly. Players should be encouraged to take half chances and limit the number of touches before shooting. Forwards should follow any shot for rebounds.VariationsPlace a restriction on the number of touches. Allow defenders to have 3-touch and forward's only 1-touch. This will encourage quick shots and more opportunities.

Coaching points

  • Players should be instructed to take shots.
  • Forwards need to be reminded to follow any rebound and get in the keeper’s face.
  • The number of touches should be limited to take quick shots.

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