Football Drill Demonstration


If GK claims a cross, or shot, and we have numbers back, here is one way we might look to counter. 

Female defender shows wide, to try and pull an opposing player out with her and create space for the approaching midfielders.

Male defender might consider checking out wide and then back centrally, to draw an opposing player, and/or be available for an easy pass to feet.

Midfielder who is already wide can look up the line

Midfielder who is more central should look to attack the opposite channel upfield

Midfielders shuold look first to recieve a short ball, before the midfield, and if that ball is not available, continue towards the attacking third, in space. One midfielder should stay within the defensive half, or at least centrally, to look for an outlet, or a second pass from a defender.

Forward should be finding open space and trying to occupy the last defender

Countering after GK claims a cross / shotFootball Drills Coaching

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