Football Drill Demonstration

Coaching points

Midfield 3 

  • Look to provide balacnce within the midfield unit to allow for a quick switch of play if reuired
  • Counter movement to try and create space for yourself to get onto the ball
  • Play of opposing lines to ensure good support for the player on the ball
  • Provide a threat beyond think of body postiion to play forward 
  • Do not run away from the player on the ball
  • ON transition forward ensure security and balance
  • OP- Compact and flatten off behing the ball

Front 3

  • Look to play direct when appropraite and provide support for the player on the ball
  • Provide a threat centrally at all times to challenge and streatch thier back 4
  • Do not be easy to mark play between lines and players
  • Runs into the box- front,back central, cutback
  • Finish with quality 1/2 touch followq the ball up 
  • OP- Delay the progress of the ball and track fullbacks where appropiate. 

Team Targets

  • Threat, pivot, pocket
  • Delay the Ball OP and recover to team shape

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