Football Drill Demonstration


F1 passes into A1 after A1 has made movement towards ball, A1 takes  and lays off to F2, F2 takes touch and plays ball into space for A2 to run onto, A2 takes touch and crosses to A3 or A4, A4 should make run in behind A3 to back post or towards A2  pull back to edge of box.

Coaching points

Alternate A1 and A3, D1 and D3, F2 and A4, F1 and A2 to learn both roles within each position/area of pitch.

Change to 1 touch dependant on ability.

F1 pass to A2 then make run inside fullback, A2 pass into A1, use F1 as 3rd man run to alternate full back and winger 3rd man run, could also have full back run outside winger for 3rd man overlap run.

3rd Man Run, Get winger in behind fullbackRoles And ResponsibilitiesFootball Drills Coaching

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