Football Drill Demonstration


  1. Longball has two teams, a kicking and a fielding team
  2. The aim of the game is to get as many points as possible for each team.
  3. Points are scored when a player has run from the kicking safe zone out to the back safe zone and then back to the kicking safe zone
  4. A player starts by receiving a ball bowled by a fielder, the player kicks the ball and runs to the rear safe zone
  5. The player is safe there if they weren't hit by a ball during their run
  6. The kicker then has the risky option to run back to the kicking safe zone if they wish, if not they can stay in their safe zone until their teammate has their kick
  7. Again if they are not hit on the return trip and they make it safely, they then score a point for their team
  8. The fielding team must get three opposing players out to force a turnover, this can be done by throwing the ball at a kicker whilst they are out of their safe zone, or by catching their kick on the full
  9. After three outs, teams switch and the process repeats

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