Football Drill Demonstration


4vs4+3 Possession Practice - or 7vs3

Players positioned as in diagram

  • reds and yellows are keeping the ball
  • blues are defending if blues win the ball, then they go outside and reds come in. and blues have to try and keep it. 


  • could make it when DFs win it, they have to go to a goal. Use GKs as yellow end players
  • vary numbers, size of grid etc. 
  • Have to play through yellow player in middle
  • Middle players has to stay in central area.

Coaching points

These are the same principles as previous sessions, but just build on the numbers slightly. 

Other things to think about include:

  • manipulating the opponent with ball movement. I.e., passing out wide to create space through middle. or, playing to the middle, to go out wide, or, up, back, through.
  • breaking lines with passes - when? When not to? How? Why?
  • short passes in zone to attract players, then swicthing play to get away into another area of pitch.
  • thrid man concept - supporting player on ball as he receives it.

Defensive principles also.

ALso, as in teh 3vs3+3 exercise, the same menatlity needs to occur upin losing and winning the ball back - this is vital

  • either win ball back upon losing it, or, 
  • secure the ball upon winning it., to get into an extended spell of possession.


Possession Practice - 4vs4+3Football Drills Coaching

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