Football Drill Demonstration


Indoor 6v6 (From 1-2-2) Scenario to switch fields from outside back through sweeper. 

In this scenario, we're simulating switching the fields quickly, through the sweeper. . (Important ** Players should always be quickly surveying their space, so they know where the pressure will come from, and THINKING am i in position to receive a pass and what can/will I do if the ball is played to me. I believe you'll have a greater likihood of success to physically execute a play, if you visualize the play. 

Back should have option to make at least three passes (both fwds make runs to space; and react if the ball is played opposite. Very important. We make the first run, and stop!). 

Coaching points


Each player moves correctly without the ball. (short to go long and/or long to go short, hard check to the ball) ** We're always working into a position to recieve the pass. L-FWD starts an outside run. R-FWD Checks into the space of the formation (SPRINTS). Sweeper drops and slides over initially to provide supporting pass. (This again, hammer home this point, pass and look to get it back.. too often we do nothing and it kills the gameplay). RB Also slides into 2nd pass position (which is also a supporting position in case of error. Dont just run away and say "Coach Tom said to overlap.. We're thinking and moving based on where the ball is played. We're also asking ourselves "Am I in position, what will I do when the ball is played here, there, etc) but will then react to first pass, OVERLAPS. 


** Another Key point. We're looking to attack the opponent's space with two players creating two on 1.


In the case, we quickly attack the oppostitions Lb with our rb and R-Fwd. The L-FWD also makes a second run to either receive pass from Rb or R-Fwd.  


** All players move into supporting positions!! Keep our shape, support the play. FWD will immediately need option for drop. Are we there? Did Rb continue to support the play? 


6v6; 1-2-2 Back option to switch fields through sweeperFootball Drills Coaching

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