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Possession game with the aim of playing into the front target players - the front target players are there to replicate forwards in a game

Aim is to play into the target payer to score.

3 players frm each team in end zone.

The end zone shich forwards are in, is split into 2 zones. 


  • move into a game, and look to end the forwrad movemwenrt with reciverung DFs, and an end product on goal, or opportunity to go to goal.
  • longer, lofted passes from deeper.
  • add wingers
  • add a DF in endzone to make forward player work harder with their movement.

Coaching points

Movement from front player. Ways to score:

  • Receive ball in different 1/2 of end zone that you start in.
  • Drop out of end zone to receive (deeper to receive)
  • Make A run beyind end zone to receive (Getting in-behind)
  • Receive however you can

Different apects to add to practice:

  • midfielders can make movements into endzone to receive. Looks to add forward runs and movement from midfield players. 
  • Play to forward player, whp then plays into a forward run from midfield (3rd man runs)
  • different ways of midfeilders combing with target players to get into endzone.

Inital restriction of passes havigto be aloing the ground. To promote those 'killer' passes through DFs.

Passing to feet, or to space.

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