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A possession positional game working on developing out style of play.

GKs are target players who are in their zone as illusatrted in diagram.

Wide players are neutral who play for the possession team along the edge of the grid. 

The middle third of the field is split into smaller grids. The number of grids could chnage depending on numbers etc., but in the diagram, there are 9 smaller grids.

Possession team vs Team who is trying to win ball back and go to goal.

Possession team have to play from GK to GK who are essentially target players.

Defending team have to win ball back and go to goal - can go to either goal.

Could also play both teams are a possession team playing from end to end when they have ball.

Coaching points

Talk about all 4 moments of the game; this practice will allow for that.

Priniples of the game - Width, depth, support, movement, penetration, improvisation

The main emphasis of the session though, is to replicate making the space as big as possible when we have controlled possession of the ball.

The wide players will play for the team in possession and there positioning is supposed to replicate them utilising the width of the field. When the team is in possession of the ball, the wide players will position themselves outside of teh grid to act as wide players. When the possession team loses possession, teh wide players then have to come inside to defend as they would do in a game. The aim is to create those transitional moments where we have the ball and when we dont, thus helping them recohnise those moments. 

Therefore, the practice implicitly has what we are looking for in our sytke. However, we still need to explicitly talk about these principles to the players. These are the fundamental principles of the game, and kids of all ages can be tauight these in addition to the technical work that we do. 


  • act as support behind ball
  • coaching poitns as in positonal practice 1

Wide Players

  • recogntion of when the ball is secure, and then utilsing the space out wide to make the field as big as possible
  • talk to the team in general about securing possession of the ball, and how it might take a few passes to allow us to get into teh big, expansive shape that we want. This might require going backwards and being more patient in possession to allow it to develop.

Central Players

  • Try to occupy as mucg of the space in the middle as possible
  • Try to be in your own small grid - used as a reference for space. Again, must explain to players, that this is only a guideline, and not a 'rule'.



  • Can you make a move into a small grid to receive the ball
  • Can you swpa grids with someone else to receive the ball
  • Can you take your first touch into another small grid?

Awareness, recognition, perception,  and exploitation and utilisation of space

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