Football Drill Demonstration


This is a dynamic warmup that gets all the muscles and joints ready for a heavy training session.

Set up 15 cones in a straight line 1 yard apart. Have all the players line up in a single file on one side of the cones.

Have the players start at a slow jog along the cones , around the last cone and back down again.

After 5 slow jog laps the coach calls out a stretch move for 2 laps.

Coaching points

  • slow jog (5 laps)
  • touch inside of feet (2 laps)
  • slow jog (1 laps)
  • touch heels (2 laps)
  • slow jog (1 lap)
  • cirorioca (2 laps)
  • slow jog (1 lap)
  • open gate (2 laps)
  • close gate (2 laps)
  • slow jog (1 lap)
  • high kick (2 laps)
  • slow jog (2 laps)

Give the players a 30 second rest then have them stand facing the cones. After going through each one jog back to beginning.

  • one foot in, two feet in between cones (fast feet)
  • slalomn shuffle through cones
  • two foot hop over cones
  • right foot over cones
  • from other side of cones, left foot over cones
  • jockey backwards
  • forward jockey

Have the player run in place moving arms and feet quickly. On coach's signal the player sprints to the end.

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