Football Drill Demonstration


First Touch

2 x 2 Yard Triangles

Feeder throws the ball into to the Receiver who must play a first time pass back with their right foot

Receiver then side steps with fast feet to the right cone and then back to the centre of the cones this time playing a first time pass with their left foot before side stepping to the left cone

This proccess is repeated five times

Feeder then becomes Receiver

Pattern is repeated with the following variations:

Thigh control, first time pass

Chest control, first time pass

Cushioned header





Coaching points

  • Place emphasis on the quality of the Players touch and the surface area that they use


  • Emphasize the importance of an accurate first time lay off


  • Encourage the server to deliver with quality at the appropriate trajectory


  • Encourage fast feet and balance when the player is side stepping between the cones




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