Football Drill Demonstration


Players will each stand in a 10x10yd box. 1 player will have the ball at their feet and play it across field into the other box. To begin, focus on the passing across only - i.e. no forward movement until comfortable with long passes and control.

Progressive passes:

  • Long ball on ground using inside of feet. 
  • Long ball on ground using laces.
  • Long ball raised off the ground/chipped for teammate to control out of the air.

Then introduce the element of moving forward - when the first touch becomes of greatest importance. First touch should lead through the cones (as shown). Begin first without a defender to encourage the free movement into the box, with plenty of time to place their shot. Then introduce a defender to beat before having a strike. 

Defender can be another player or an obstacle. 

Coaching points

Importance is primarily placed on accuracy of passes. Learning different ways to strike the ball. 

First touch to get it out of your feet so you can play the ball back within 1 or 2 touches. 

First touch should be elading when moving forward. Try to make 1st touch take you through the gate. So altering body positioning - opening your body to receive the ball will be important. 

If using a real defender, allow players to combine in a 2-on-1 situation vs the defender. 

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