Football Drill Demonstration


Create a square. 4v4 inside the box and 4 players outside the box each one with a ball. 


White players inside the box are the attackers reds are the defenders. As soon as the coach shouts "ball" White players need to make a short run to receive a pass from one of the players outside the box. Aim of this drill is for the attackers to shield the ball and when possible make a quick turn to pass the ball to one of the 4 players outside the box. Each succesful turn and pass is rewarded with one point. As soon as the white player makes a succesful pass to the players outside he has to run towards another white player outside the box. Continue for 1.5 minute and then change roles.

Coaching points

  • Awareness 
  • Correct body positioning when receiving the ball
  • Shielding the ball
  • Spatial awareness
  • Turning
  • Lose player before ball arrives

Shielding the ball and turning with the ballFootball Drills Coaching

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