Football Drill Demonstration


  • Players all have a ball each and dribble around the area
  • The coach will call out numbers 1,2,3

1 = The players stop the ball, move to the ball as if to strike with the instep (try and touch the ball without moving it), jump over the ball (landing on striking leg) then sprinting. Players do this four times, twice with both legs.

2 = Player sit down and perform one kick up ensuring their toes are facing forward (see diagram) and then they catch the ball. 3 kicks per foot.

3 = Players get into pairs and perform the technique, striking the ball to each other with the instep and sprinting towards their strike


  • Players play a give and go and then strike using the instep against a goalkeeper
  • Players decide whether to strike 1st time or take the ball out of their feet (this depends on the pass they receive and the run they make)

Coaching Points:

  • Twist hips when striking the ball
  • Land on foot and sprint towards the striked ball.
  • Keep toes pointed down when striking
  • Lock the ankle when making contact with the ball.

Striking the Ball with InstepFootball Drills Coaching

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