Football Drill Demonstration


  • Line up four footballs on cones that are spread out evenly along the goal line. 
  • Have 5 cones making an arch shape at a distant away from the goal that is appropriate to age/ability. 
  • There should be a football beside each cone. Two outside footballs should be set up for right foot shots (white) and the other two are set up for left foot shots (orange). One in the middle where they can choose their foot.
  • When the coach says to start, players try to shoot the targets on the goal line. 
  • The play who knocks them all wins. 

Coaching points

  • Eyes up and pick your target.
  • Standing foot pointing at your target. 
  • Get your body over the ball to keep the ball down. 
  • Use the instep for accuracy.
  • Use the laces for power. 

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