Football Drill Demonstration


  • Groups of three
  • 1 ball per player
  1. First player runs with ball, dribbling around yellow cone to return to the back of line, tags second player to signal start of their turn.
  2. Once all players have taken ball around yellow cone, players then one at a time run with the ball and dribble around blue cone, returning to back of line again tagging second player to signal start of their turn.

Progression 1: Players perform a figure 8 movement weaving in and out of cones, before returning to back of line.

Progression 2: Teams relay race against each other. Players race one at a time to perform the figure 8 movements around cones, then return to line to tag the next player, and sit down at the back of the line. The team with all their players sitting having completed their turn first wins.

Coaching points

  • Light touches on the ball keeping the ball close to the body to remain in control
  • Keep head up so there is vision of the field

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