Football Drill Demonstration


Game set up:

  • 25x35 yard area
  • three teams of four
  • extra balls


  1. Two of the group teams up as attackers to keep the ball away from the third group as long as possible.
  2. if the defenders win the ball, players immedistely switch roles. the defender becomes the attacker and the attacking team that lost the ball becomes the new defenders.
  3. The 8vs4 situations continues uninterrupted while attackers and defenders switch roles. players must adapt instantly to the new situation.



  • switch the play, so 8 defenders and 4 attackers
  • add an extra ball
  • limit touches
  • make the area smaller
  • if the defender win the ball the have to dribble outside the area before switching roles.



  • bigger area
  • attackers can make two free passes before defenders can start to defend.



Coaching points

Coaching Points:

  • Beaware of the players around you.
  • move into space
  • create opportunities
  • communication 
  • firm passess.

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