Football Drill Demonstration



  • In front of goal with goalkeeper.
  • six players with balls stand by the goal.
  • six player without a ball standing about 25 yards away facing goal.


  1. The player with the ball dribbles into the penalty area. then kick the ball diagonallt out to the left or right. 
  2. The player in the other group has to intercept the ball as . 
  3. A green player from behind will pressure the player with the ball. So, 2 defenders vs 1 attacker.
  4. The attacker must attempt to break through for a shot at goal. dealing with the 2v1 situation.
  5. players return to their group at the end of the round.
  6. After several rounds the two groups will switch.



  •  time limit to complete the task
  • only allowed limited touches
  • has to do a skill before they can shoot.


  • only 1 defender.
  • attacker starts with the ball

Coaching points

Coaching points:

  • remain calm under pressure
  • try to be quick as possible to excute the objective
  • quick feet
  • use skills to take on defenders
  • shield the ball from defenders

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