Football Drill Demonstration


  • Group C are on the endline
  • Group A and B try to score on opposite goals.
  • A goal is worth one point. However, players are encouraged to try a one touch shot following a back pass from one of the C players. These goals are worth three points each.
  • switch over after every goal or if the ball goes out of the area and not to one of the players on the outside area. 



  • limit the number of touches 
  • make the area smaller
  • attackers can only score on a direct shot following a back pass from outside players.


  • make the area bigger
  • attacker can not get tackled in the middle zone

Coaching points

Coaching points

  • shield the ball from defenders
  • mmake sure passes are accurate
  • focus more on accuarcy on shooting than power
  • movement in to space to create opportunities.

4v4+4 wall player on the endlinesFootball Drills Coaching

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