Football Drill Demonstration


  • Balls arrive from coach on the side.
  • Team that receives, keeps the ball 4+GKsv4
  • The other team press and try to regain, after they regain they try to score, the team who were keeping possession have to counter press to regain possession and stop them scoring.
  • The team who win the ball can score in either goal.
  • If the team score they then get the ball to keep it 6v4, the other team have to press.
  • If they shoot and miss then the ball stays with the team who initially had it.

Coaching points

  • Big area size so team with the ball need to keep smaller distances from the ball than in build up, immitates breakthrough phase.
  • Need to react before transition occurs, coach recognition of bad possession.
  • Then coach reactions, ball orientated counter pressure.

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