Football Drill Demonstration


Set up as shown in the diagram.

End zone:- for scoring points

Dribble zone:- players must dribble only in this area and get into the end zone

Passing zone:- passing only allow 2-3 touches only.


set up teams to availble numbers i.e 5v5, 5v4 3v3 etc, play starts in one teams dribble zone and as soon as they dribble the ball into the passing zone the ball is live and the team in possession in the passing zone they must try to keep possession and pass the ball only working their way up to the oppositions dribble zone once in the dribble zone the plyer on the ball tries to dribble into the end zone to score 1 point avoiding the cones.

Coaching points

  • look for good passing
  • movement off the ball
  • communication
  • dribbling skills

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