Football Drill Demonstration


Set up during pre-warm up. Multiple cones in four corners and along each touchline, ensuring there are equal amounts of each team/coloured bibs. Red team spreads out around the 4 sides, yellow team stays in the middle with a ball each.

Yellows begin to pass the ball to a red and receive the ball back, control, turn and find another red to head towards and pass to.

Coach points: 1 Look to prevent them moving around in a simple circle; 2 Progressions/regressions should include number of touches for individual players, using both feet, skills, turns, bursts of speed, picking a pass and communication; receive from red and give back to receive from a different red; receive from red and turn to send the ball to a different red; players change over after 1 minute each; add different colour gates to go through prior to passing; add 4 cones centrally as an area to move through with the ball.

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