Football Drill Demonstration


  • Balls start initially at points Red A and Red D. 
  • Ball is played diagonally into centre and then diagonally again.
  • Wide player touches outside cone and flat crosses to 1st post run or cuts back.
  • Centre player who links diagonal is the player available for cutback
  • Player who started on point A but did not play initial pass makes the first post run.
  • Each player follows the direction of their pass or run to the next cone as indicated by the small arrows.
  • 1 player at point Blue A and point Blue D do not either pass or run initially, the start the next wave.
  • Works in a continuous circuit.

Coaching points

  • Quick touch pass from central players.
  • 1st post run must judge how wide, wide player is as to where arrives.
  • Finishes to the 2nd post.
  • Keep finishes down.
  • Timing of cut back run.
  • Weight of flat cross and cut backs.

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