Football Drill Demonstration


Now, from this same exercise, add 3/4 pressuring players from the top of the penalty box, and 2 targets that stand near the center circle, but slightly toward the flanks.  Once ball is played in from the one side of the field, 1 attacker tries to win the ball and place pressure on the keeper.  The keeper must decide to change point of attack if he/she can, or play a 1-time ball high and wide if under pressure (toward target near center circle.)  It is important here that the keeper makes the right decision with the ball.  If in doubt, be safe and play ball high and wide.  The worst thing that can happen here is for the keeper to lose the ball under pressure to an attacker going to goal.  Remember that the  keeper needs to meet the ball if possible, and takes the first touch away from pressure if deciding to play in 2 touches.  This exercise is very realistic to the game and the pressuring players should  press the goalkeepers at different angles and force the keeper to different sides of the field.  It is important that the keeper learns to clear balls with their weaker leg too.  There will be times when you have to use your weaker leg so get used to kicking with it!

Coaching points

Weaker foot movment on and off the ball


strike of the ball

dealing with pressure

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