Football Drill Demonstration


How to play

Outline a rectangular area whose size relates to the number of players involved.

Inside this area mark out 2 end zones, Station both teams in the central area of the field with No goalkeepers or goals.

Teams can score by passing into the area to a team mate who runs on the ball. Ball must be in controll and not roll out of area

Changes to the Game

Is it too hard (Regression) 

Allow players safety with no tackles when in possession of ball on sides.

Is it too easy (Progression) 

Reduce the number of touches allowed for each player. 

Introduce small gates (cones) for goals and remove end zones 

Coaching points

What to Look for

  • Spread out into space when ther team is in possession.
  • Get in line to try and receive a pass?
  • Move into a new space once they have passed? 

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