Football Drill Demonstration


now we set up an area replicating half a pitch. if one is avalable use this if not create one as best you can. split the group up into three. two attacking groups and one defending group. one attacking group will start with the ball in the centre of the pitch. the other attacking group shall start on the wing without the balls, with the defending group stood to one side with 1 defender taking up a defensive position in the middle of the area.

the attacker with the ball will pass it out to the attacker on the wing. the attacker on the wing will progress with the ball towards the middle of the pitch creating space on the wing for the attacker in the middle to run behind and overlap. the attacker with the ball must decide to either run with it past the defender in the middle or wait for the over lapping run and pass it to the overlapping attacker for them to run with the ball and put a cross in.

  • decision making, when to pass the ball to the over lapping player, when to run with the ball, when to cross and when to shoot.
  • how can we create space for the over lapping player.
  • different types of overlaps. can they go on the outside or do a run from the inside.

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