Football Drill Demonstration


Players to take part in a 4 team tournament with 2 matches being played simultaneously. Each game should last 5 minutes and then rotate so that each team plays one another.

Select a captain of each team who is responsible for team tactics and keeping team morale high.

Coach is to record on a white board objectives to complete during the tournament. Players are to come up with the objectives and tick off on the white board each time they achieve an objective.

For example, an objective of passing with a back heel is completed then the player comes over to the coach and ticks off that objective.

Play will always continue whilst any player ticks off an objective which can give an overload opportunity for one team.

Coaching points

Session Objective: To show confidence whilst in possession of the football.

Can players exploit 1v1 opportunities using speed and ball control 

Can players identify when to pass to a team mate

Can players show skill to beat an opponent

Can players show desire to win a match using

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