Football Drill Demonstration


TIME: 4-5 mins per round until all players have rotated.

High intensity


Set 4- 10 x 10 rondos with 3 to 4 players a piece within a 50 x 30 area. Have 4 players in center called "position." Each position player is responsible for a particular square. Ball is live at any square. As soon as the ball is played to a square, a position player must run at full sprint trying to disrupt play. The ball is played amongst other squares, from short passes to long switch. In which a new position player runs out to pressure. If the ball is disrrupted, simply reset and continue.

Coaching points


  1. Influence 1 touch.
  2. Speed of play.
  3. Backfoot, turning hips to get away from pressure.
  4. Don't look to keep playing under pressure. Get ball switched asap after the ball is touched 3 different times within rondo


  1. Players need to be alert
  2. Look for social cues to anticipate a pass to their square. Anticipate, don't react.
  3. As soon as the ball is released, the player must continue to huslte back to position base. THE IDEA- if a player is pulled out of postion because of good pressure during a game, he/she is still resposible to get back where they're suppose to be quickly.
  4. If the # of players is less than 4 or number of rondos, have players communicate on who's pressuring. If mommentum allows player to run on to a neighboring rondo, allow as long as it is communicated.  


  1. The focus is the pressure. Adjust rondos and over all distance just enough where its giving them hard work.
  2. Although pressure is the focus, speed of play on the ball can also be as well. 

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