Football Drill Demonstration


Objective: Last man standing.

Set up a large grid envolving all players with a ball. Players dribble freely on coach's "go," players try to maintain possession while kicking other players ball out of the grid until coach says "free" (dribble freely without pressure). Once ball is kicked out, the player must sit outside the grid. When it gets down to a few players and seems to stall, the coach allows a, or few, "sharks." These will be players desinated by the coach to rush in from the outside to eliminate players until theres a winner. Sharks do not need to bring in a ball.

Coaching points

  1. mix up "free" time and "go" time allowing players to regain controle. 
  2. you shouldnt need any more than 2/3 sharks at a time.
  3. the first couple rounds go with out a shark. 

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