Football Drill Demonstration



1.  Player (A) who is positioned behind the goal kicks the ball over the bar to player (B) so player (B) can volley the ball.


2.  Player (B) attempts to get to the ball on the volley and shoots at goal.


3.  The goalkeeper adjusts his position along the line to set himself at the best angle, ready for a shot at goal.


4.  After the goalkeeper has made a save he must reset himself ready from the next shot from player (B)


The drill continues on until the balls have been used from player (A).


Coaching points



Quick recovery after making a save

Intense workout for 5 minutes

Moving quickly to cover the space to make the save.

The ability to dive and secure the ball.




 Player (B) changes to the other side of the goal and even in front of goal.


Player (B) can come closer and use his head to shoot at goal.

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