Football Drill Demonstration


This activity will train the ability to keep possession of the ball and to identify proper angles of support and timing of support.

Create a 10 x 10 grid with four cones. Place three attackers at the corners and one defender in the center.

The 3 attackers attempt to keep possession of the ball by passing amongst themselves. They can only receive passes in the corners of the grid.

The defender must attempt to intercept the ball or force the attackers into misplaying the ball outside the grid. Continue play for about 2 minutes and then switch defenders.


  • 2 touch maximum
  • Allow attacking players to move anywhere in the grid

Coaching points

  • Keep a quick pace with limited touches on the ball.
  • Players without the ball must move within the grid to create good passing angles.
  • Move to create support while the ball is in motion, not after the ball has been received.
  • Players passing the ball should move immediately afterwards to a good supporting position.
  • Ensure passes are such that they can be controlled easily ( in front on proper foot, good weight of pass, on ground, receiving open to the field).
  • The ball should not have to be passed diagonally across the grid if the supporting angles are good and runs are made early.
  • Encourage fake passes to help throw the defender off.
  • Communicate using verbal and non-verbal signals.

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