Football Drill Demonstration


This Shuttle run may be the most effective fitness workout for any player because of its soccer specificity. Pay attention this one is going to have you hurting after and pay out the most dividends for you.

You'll need a stopwatch of some sort on you for this to make sure you do it right.

-Set up 2 cones 22yds apart

-Start at one cone, run 22yds and back to the cone you started from. (there and back 3 times, or 6 sprints until you end up where you started from, this is considered 1 rep)

-Each rep (6 sprints) should be completed in under 30 seconds. (If you finish early you have extra time to rest)

-You then have 30 seconds rest and you go again.

-5 reps of this is ONE SET (30 sprints with rests)

-Rest in between sets is 2:30 min and you will be doing 3 sets of this.

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