Football Drill Demonstration


Players pair up to work on skills using 2 balls and 4 cones in various configurations.

A - Players warm up with a ball each dribbling from end to end. This progresses to 1 v1 defending - one ball, defender plays out then closes down attacker upon reception.

Players pass one ball between each end of zone. Progress to moving ball round outside of square. Pass made down long edge, players move across short edge and keep ball moving. 

Same drill as zone B but 2 cones removed. Progess to moving ball diagonaly between cones.

Coaching points

Instruct drills to be performed in two directions when appropriate.

Adjust zone dimensions when needed.

Spend around 5 minutes per drill, freeze when necessary to coach.

Some players will struggle with basics, others will find some drills too easy - adapt as necessary

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