Football Drill Demonstration


  1. Ball starts with #10 on every play.
  2. To start- no defenders are involved. Use shadow play to go over combinations between front 3 players; #9, 11 & 7. Use dotted line as reference to drop behind to start each play(3rd of field line)
  3. Once shadow movements have been completed, introduce 4 & 5 as defenders to create a 3v2 to goal.
  4. Progress to allow 2,3 & 6 to drop in for defending team, and allow 10 & 8 to join in attacks for attacking team

Coaching points

Shadow movement;

  • Wall Passes, Give & Go, One-Two
  • Overlaps
  • Jack
  • 3rd Man run
  • Interchanging positions

Encourage attacking play through runs beyond the player in possession and to shoot when within range. Attack quickly using less touches and beign direct.

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