Football Drill Demonstration


  • Groups of 3
  • Each off shoot of this drill should be done quickly.  Only 2-3 Minutes on each thing.
  • Starts with one touch passing in triangle
  • Triangle’s remain stationary
    • Can pass in either direction
    • Start with two touch
    • Go to one touch
      • Pass and follow Line
      • This will flatten the triangle into a line and become a kind of straight line
      • After a minute add in a dribble move before they pass
        • Pass and Replace pair
        • Person A remains stationary
        • Person A Passes to Person B at Point B
        • Person B returns pass to Person A
        • Person B and Person C switch positions quickly
        • Person A passes to Person C at Point B
        • Person C returns Pass to Person A
        • Person C and Person B switch once more. 
        • After a minute Switch who is the stationary Person A.
        • Drill ends when all 3 people have been Person A
          • 2 v 1 Keep Away
          • Keep Triangles in a tight space.  Place cones if needed
          • Encourage person on the ball to take defender off the dribble
          • If the dribble is not there have them lay off the pass
          • Encourage the decision making

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