Football Drill Demonstration


LW/RW: Are on both corners and reverse roles depending on side of the corner.

Short pass, the taker then underlaps:

  1. If the player closes down the man on the ball, he passes to the underlap who cross/shoots for back post.
  2. If the player closes the angle for the pass, then the man on the ball dribbles to beat the man and cuts back to the incoming players.

LB/RB: Defensive player's, must have numerical superiority at the back. If opponents send 2 we recall the CDM and the LCM takes his position.

Runners: Start grouped, time runs across the flight of the ball or for the cut-back.

CF: On keeper - aware of offsides.



Coaching points

  • Timing of runs.
  • Decision making
  • Quick organisation

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