Football Drill Demonstration


Two teams of 3 (team numbers can change) will face off in a game of Football/Soccer Tennis

-The aim of the game is to try and make the ball bounce TWICE in the other teams square.

-Players may take as many touches as they like as long as they don't drop the ball before kicking it over to the other side.

-Players can pass to each other and use teamwork to try and score a point.

-Once the ball bounces in your square, you CANNOT juggle it several times and then drop the ball on the floor and it hit it over. The ball can only bounce ONCE!

This drill focuses on:

-Ball Control




Coaching points

-You can have several of these set up at once in order for all players to participate instead of waiting for their turn

-Encourage players to use all parts of their body (apart from hands obviously) and make them feel comfortable with the ball


-You can change the number of players in the square

-You can change the size of the square

-You can change the number of bounces of the ball. The less bounces the harder it is! (For example; less experienced players may require 2 or 3 bounces in order to control the ball, whereas more advanced players can challenge themself with 1 bounce or even NO bounces.

-You can dictate which part of the body they are allowed to hit the ball with. (For example; left foot only, head only, right foot and right shoulder)

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